Ajdin Ship Management

About Us

Welcome to the Ajdin Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. - the right place for your first step to your career in Marine Industry!

Ajdin Ship Management Pvt Ltd is a professional ship management company valued by its customers in the industry for its premier professional expertise and service.We are dedicated in imparting precise knowledge about the maritime industry, all under the guidance of renowned professionals with years of experience in providing quality crew that meets the highest international standards. We share a bond of integrity with our clients and partners in the Merchant Navy industry for our pragmatic and prudent services.

Every year, high requirements arise in passenger ships, cargo liners, tankers, ore carriers and other types of specialised ships. Managed and operated by public and private sector shipping companies, ships are manned by trained Marine Engineers, Navigators and Crew. Ajdin Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. ensures to be an eminent manpower supplier to seaborne merchant vessels that are to be manned with skilled seafarers hence meeting the commercial, technical and crew requirements upto the satisfaction of the owners and charterers.

Ajdin Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. is capable of meeting manpower requirements in both quality and quantity closely following all its policies and hence has the best reputation amongst all its clients and collaborators.